Wild Intrigue | Eurasian Beavers
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Discover the species rewilding Britain

A habitat of flourishing natural restoration, this Expedition location offers you the exciting opportunity to live amongst wild Eurasian Beavers Castor fiber. The Bamff Estate has been transformed over recent years with the resultant creation of dams, pools, swamps and deadwood; enabling a rich, diverse ecosystem to thrive, with species including Water Vole and Otter present, in addition to a myriad of invertebrate, amphibian, fungi and avian life.

From our comfortable cottage base, we will explore Bamff throughout the day and into the evening, enabling you to gain a thorough understanding of the wildlife impacted by the presence of Beavers. During our site explorations, we will survey and record the wildlife we encounter using a variety of techniques, which you will receive training in; such as moth trapping, camera trapping, species identification, bat detecting, pond studies, photography and more.

Of course, no Eurasian Beaver Expedition would be complete without searching for the animals themselves. During our highly successful dusk and dawn Beaver watches, you will enjoy watching and photographing these endearing mammals without disturbing their natural behaviour. We have so far had 100% success in observing Beavers for at least two hours in the field, and we don’t expect this to change!

This Expedition includes a guided walk with local wildlife enthusiast and ‘Beaver Extraordinaire’ Nature Nuts Photography (aka Bob Smith).

To ensure disturbance to wildlife and the Bamff Estate is kept to a minimum, this Expedition is restricted to 4 attendees.


  • Gain a practical insight into the species pioneering the rewilding movement; the Eurasian Beaver, in the heart of the Bamff Estate


  • Contribute directly to Wild Intrigue’s ecological surveying and monitoring of the Bamff Estate


  • Explore and survey an ever-changing mosaic of landscapes


  • Discover a wide array of species dependant upon this keystone species; invertebrates, mammals, birds, amphibians and more


  • Enjoy guided dawn Beaver watches, witnessing their natural Beaver and social interactions


  • Have the opportunity to learn species-specific photography techniques under the expertise of Wild Intrigue guides


  • Learn a variety of recording techniques including camera trapping, moth trapping, bat detecting, freshwater invertebrate studies and more


  • Join amazing local naturalist Bob ‘Nature Nuts’ Smith for a guided Beaver walk, hearing his tales and discoveries of the Tay Beavers



  • This Expedition is restricted to adults (18+) only. Please get in touch with us to discuss exclusive Expeditions for your family in this location


  • Secure your place with a £100 deposit


  • Achieve a John Muir Explorer Award!


  • Shared cottage (1 x twin room, 2 x single rooms)


  • Self catered


  • £400 per person


  • Book your place with a £100 deposit (fully refundable up to 1st March, non-refundable past this date)


  • Restricted to four Expeditioneers


  • Price includes 3 nights accommodation in a shared cottage in Bamff Estate (2 x single rooms, 1 x twin room); specialist training; expertise of local guide; Expeditioneer Pack.


  • Price excludes travel to and from the meeting location of Bamff Estate, Perthshire; food and drink; your own travel insurance.


Thursday 13th – Sunday 16th June 2019

Watch Eurasian Beavers in the wild and discover how this keystone species is naturally enhancing a wooded wetland habitat
Share your surroundings with a diverse ecosystem, with species including Red Fox, Badger, Osprey and Polecat often sighted.

Mixed conifer and broadleaf woodlands
Restoring wetland
Beaver pools
Organic farmland

Shared comfortable cottage in heart of Beaver habitat
Choose from double (for 1 person), twin or single room
Able to drive to front door of cottage
All linen and towels provided

Bamff Estate, Perthshire

Guided crepuscular Beaver watches
Training in:
Camera trap installation & analysis
Species-specific photography
Fieldcraft incl. using hides and tracking
Freshwater invertebrate ID
Bat detecting using acoustic and visual detectors
Moth trapping and ID
Using Longworth traps for small mammals
Species identification
Practical exploration of rewilding
and more

Limited to 4 people
Our least strenuous Expedition, we will primarily follow paths and tracks.

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Set in the heart of the beautiful Bamff Estate, our cottage for this Expedition has been tried and tested by us; as always.

In an ecologically tamed Britain, the Eurasian Beaver Castor fiber is a species which epitomises rewilding; the rewilding of ecological function, the behaviour of watercourses,  and the minds of people.

Your Wild Intrigue guides will introduce you to the mosaic of habitats undergoing natural transitions, a result of the ecological engineering of these intriguing animals. You will discover the natural processes taking place benefiting biodiversity and villages downstream, and will be introduced to the species’ fascinating ecology, physiology, behaviour and legal status.

In addition to dusk and dawn ‘Beaver watches’ with us, you will spend an evening with a fantastic local specialist in Eurasian Beaver ecology and guiding too, who’s passion for and knowledge of the species has contributed to the population’s legal protection.

You will learn how to track Beavers, and to set and install Bushnell NatureView HD Max trail cameras to gather footage of this elusive species.

As this Expedition is tailored to introduce you to the ecological function the Beaver supports, we will also undertake fascinating surveys to determine the presence of other wildlife including Lepidoptera, Bats, and Birds. See above for more details.

And of course, you can collect a piece of Beaver wood chip from a freshly gnawed tree to take home with you!

On Saturday evening, you will have the opportunity to visit a new nearby wildlife hide established by local wildlife photography tour guide Bob ‘Nature Nuts’. As the sun sets, you can anticipate the regular arrival of Pine Martens, Red Squirrels, Jays and more to photograph yourself. Your Wild Intrigue guides will advise you prior to entering the hide the most suitable camera settings to use, as well as any additional interesting species to look out for.

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After a day exploring, you can tuck up in incredibly comfortable beds; choosing from either a double room intended for one person, twin room or single room; all with linen and towels provided, and bedside lamps to read one of the many Beaver themed books in the cottage before a good nights sleep. The double and twin rooms have wardrobes and desks; however the smaller single room has great views across the garden which is frequented by Great Spotted Woodpeckers and more – a tough choice!

The bedrooms neighbour each other, with the shared bathroom close to all three. The bathroom has a toilet, sink with mirror and a shower over the bath with continuous hot water.

There is a comfortable sized shared lounge with two sofas and a wood-burning stove – not that we would need it in the summer, of course! During meal times, we will convert this space into a dining room so that we can enjoy eating around the table.

There is a full kitchen with lots of cupboard pace, all crockery and utensils, an oven/ stove, microwave, toaster and two small fridge/freezers. There’s even a DAB radio so do feel free to join us in a little jig whilst we’re cooking your dinner.

There is electricity and WiFi in the cottage, with power outlets throughout.

You will share your surroundings with Eurasian Beavers, Polecats and Badgers and much more, and may even have a shadow pass over you cast by an Osprey returning to Loch of the Lowes.

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You can enjoy a long weekend away from towns, work and traffic, in this little-known Perthshire wilderness.


You will meet your Expedition guides at Bamff Estate, and will be guided to your wild weekend abode before being introduced to the wonderful owners of the Estate.

Upon booking this Expedition we will send you an e-Expeditioneers Pack containing the full address for the Bamff Estate, personalised travel recommendations, a recommended seasonal kit list, a next of kin and medical form and previous ecological reports produced by Wild Intrigue of the Bamff Estate to prepare you for the wildlife you may encounter.