Wild Intrigue | Wild Northumbrian
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Starlight, wildlife and campfires await

Immerse yourself in a cocoon of campfires, starscapes and incredible biodiversity in the heart of Northumberland at our blissful Tarset base, Wild Northumbrian.

With yurts, shepherds huts and even a treehouse to choose from, you’d be forgiven for thinking this was glamping. Despite the site’s beautiful, cosy accommodation, you will be completely immersed into nature, with Tawny Owls, Foxes and Roe Deer frequent visitors, and the Northumberland International Dark Sky Park blanketing the vast sky above.

You will be involved with Wild Intrigue’s ongoing camera trapping projects to monitor specific species on site, leading to an ecosystem level conservation strategy for the Wild Northumbrian. Surveying for Bats, Badgers, Tawny Owls and Otters are particular highlights, in addition to the discovery of an incredible array of Moths.

You will have the opportunity to see the incredible, and beautiful, diversity of Moths which the mosaic of habitats support at Wild Northumbrian by learning to set and check Heath and Skinner moth traps, as well as identify individuals during morning and dusk sessions. A perfect opportunity for guided macro photography!

In addition to recording species at Wild Northumbrian as part of the environmental and ecological enhancement work passionately promoted by the site owners, we will venture further out into the mosaic of habitats surrounding the site for a day long excursion, exploring conifer forest, deciduous woodland, moorland and riparian landscapes to discover just how wild Northumberland really is.

You will learn how to navigate across the land using maps, compasses and technology, using cartography as a way to further discover the land, searching for reptiles such as Adders, Common Lizards and Slowworms, as well as Red Squirrels and perhaps even signs of Pine Marten as we explore.

To top it off, you will be enrolled onto a John Muir Discovery Award by joining this Expedition.

Why not share the adventure with a friend, and take advantage of our discount (for both of you!) when you share your chosen accommodation.

  • Enjoy beautiful accommodation completely surrounded by the nature of Northumberland


  • No light pollution to fully appreciate the Northumberland International Dark Sky Park


  • Learn how to set and install camera traps for a variety of species, whilst contributing to the monitoring and conservation of the site’s wildlife


  • Survey Bats using specialist acoustic and visual equipment


  • Discover other creatures of the night on moth trapping sessions – prepare to be amazed!


  • Have the opportunity to learn or enhance your skills in ethical wildlife photography on the wide diversity of species on and surrounding the site with Expedition leaders


  • Set off on a guided excursion to discover the surrounding habitats and wildlife with Expedition leaders, will we discover signs of Northumberland’s Pine Martens? Or perhaps Adders?


  • Gain a John Muir Discovery Award!



  • Reserve your place with a £100 deposit (individual Expeditioneers) or a £200 joint deposit (Expeditioneer pairs sharing).


  • This Expedition is open to adults (18+) only. If you are interested in booking this Expedition for your family, please contact us to discuss this.


  • Why not share the adventure with a friend and take advantage of our shared accommodation discount? Ideal for besties, families or couples who’ll be comfortable sharing the cosy double beds and having the rest of the yurt to spread out in, alternatively roll out beds can be arranged (we’ll leave it to you to decide who bags the bed!)
2019 Dates
  • AUTUMN | Friday 4th – Sunday 6th October 2019



  • Prices are £350 per person




  • Why not invite another person to join your adventure? If you both share accommodation, the price drops to £290 per person! Saving you a whopping £60 each or £120 in total.




  • To reserve your place, head to our Booking Form and secure your spot with either a £100 deposit (individual travellers) or a £200 deposit (pair travellers), or the full amount.


  • Please make sure you select the correct option depending upon whether you’re joining us as an individual or a pair!


  • If you reserve your place with a deposit, you will be invoiced for the remaining amount prior to the Expedition start date.


  • Price includes 2 nights accommodation at Wild Northumbrian, all training in specialist wildlife survey, guided landscape and wildlife exploration, and of course ENDLESS marshmallows for toasting.


  • Price excludes food and drink, travel to and from Wild Northumbrian, and your personal travel insurance (can be purchased externally for as little as £5).
Available Accommodation
  • The following accommodation choices are still available for the Autumn Expedition, those with a line through are already reserved; these are updated immediately.


  • Accommodation choices are restricted to a ‘first come, first served’ basis, so we recommend you book early to ensure you don’t miss your favourite (although all of them are beautiful!).



  • Upon reserving your place(s) using our Booking Form, we will email you to determine your preferred accommodation type.


AUTUMN | 4th – 6th October

  • Tod Yurt


  • Brock Yurt


  • Merle Yurt


  • Esk Yurt


  • Corbie Shepherds Hut


  • The Treehouse

Proudly in partnership with

sustainable landowners

Wild Northumbrian boasts a wonderful diversity of wildlife, including Red Squirrels, Tawny Owls, Common Lizards, an array of Moths, Butterflies and Dragonflies, various Bat species, Roe Deer and much more. Closely neighbouring Wild Northumbrian are fascinating species such as Snipe, Otter, Badger and Pine Marten!

Broadleaf woodland
Riparian (Tarset Burn)
Conifer plantation

Based at Wild Northumbrian, choose from a beautifully designed, cosy yurt, shepherds hut or treehouse in the heart of Northumberland
All linen provided, bring own towels
Wood burning stoves in accommodation
Kitchen on site
Toilets and showers on site

Wild Northumbrian, Thorneyburn Old Rectory, Hexham, NE48 1NA

Contribute to ongoing monitoring and conservation of wildlife on site
Camera trap installation and analysis
Fieldcraft incl. tracking
Ethical wildlife photography training
Moth trapping and identification
Bat detecting and surveying
Excursion to explore surrounding landscapes and wildlife

This Expedition can host 4 to 10 people

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Wild Intrigue have been surveying and monitoring the wildlife at Wild Northumbrian for over five years, yet it never fails to amaze us.


By joining this Expedition you will have the opportunity to discover just how diverse the wildlife in this rural part of Northumberland is, thanks largely to the sustainable management of the wonderful landowners, The Hersey’s.


You will gain experience in setting, installing and processing camera traps; will you discover Roe Deer, Fox, Badger, Otter?


Using Magenta 4 and Echo Meter Touch 2 PRO bat detectors, you will not only learn to identify various bat species by their acoustic echolocation calls, but also by the visual sonographs they produce. Allowing you to eavesdrop on bats socialising in an unforgettable way.


You will learn how to set, install and check moth traps; identifying moths during our ‘Moth Trapping LIVE’ sessions, as well as morning collections. After we have identified, recorded and macro-photographed the species, we will release the moths unharmed.


During our off-site excursion, you will have the opportunity to gain an introduction to navigation via map and compass reading, whilst we search for signs and evidence of Adders, Common Lizards and many other species.

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Wild Northumbrian will be more than just your accommodation base for this rural Expedition, it will be an opportunity to contribute to the conservation and sustainable development of this beautiful, family owned site, whilst spending time discovering it’s wild inhabitants.


After a day and night searching for, watching and surveying wildlife you can retreat back to the comfort and peace of your chosen accommodation, disturbed perhaps only by the gentle calling of Tawny Owls. That is if you can pull yourself away from the Northumberland International Dark Sky Park above. Why not light up the fire pit outside your yurt and enjoy the stars by the warmth of your very own campfire, taking time to simply enjoy the company of Nature, and perhaps that of your fellow Expeditioneers.


Your chosen accommodation, whether a yurt, shepherds hut or treehouse, will have a double bed in the centre of the space, complete with a comfy duvet and pillows, and plenty of throws. There is the option for a couple of roll out single beds, but we’ll leave it to you to decide who gets the bed! As detailed above, this Expedition allows for accommodation sharing between two people, and offers a substantial discount for both people wishing to share. Otherwise, you can enjoy the luxury of having a whole yurt and double bed to yourself, it’s a treat, believe us! Your accommodation will have the warmth of a wood burning stove, as well as an outdoor fire pit and seating. Many offer an additional ‘extra treat’, such as Corbie Shepherds Hut which includes a truly amazing outdoor Hikki Scandinavian hot tub bath.


Although the site has a bathroom (mixed-sex) with flushing toilets and hot showers (and underfloor heating!), some accommodation include outdoor compost loos too. Each accommodation type is beautifully private, with much space between others, separated and awarded privacy by tree cover. Wild Northumbrian has a kitchen for all to use – you can usually find us by the window with a cuppa, watching Red Squirrels on the feeder! There is a fridge, with your very own shelf, small combo-overn/hob, kettles, and all pots, pans, dishes and cutlery you require. This Expedition is self-catered, so you would need to bring enough food for three days/ two nights.


There is no WiFi, no TV (except a live bird-nest cam), and largely no phone signal – absolute bliss!

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You will meet your Expedition leaders at Wild Northumbrian, where you will have the opportunity to meet your fellow Expeditioneers too, ready for a wild adventure together. There is no public transport to Wild Northumbrian, and so you will be require to travel by car to the site; we would recommend and encourage car sharing where possible. If you do not have access to a car and wish to attend this Expedition, please contact us to discuss this.


The rural location of this Expedition base allows you to fully escape from work, traffic and noise to explore this beautiful corner of Northumberland.


Upon booking this Expedition we will send you an e-Expeditioneers Pack including a seasonal kit list, personalised travel advice, exact meeting arrangements (times etc.), next of kin and medical form, as well as any other documents we believe would enhance and prepare you for your Expedition with us.