Wild Intrigue | Isle of Carna
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Rewild yourself on the west coast of Scotland


The Isle of Carna is free from the distractions of internet and TV, and a phone signal can only be reached at the peak of Cruachan Carna.  With no roads on the island, the sound of traffic is instead replaced by a seasonally shifting natural soundscape,  unique to each Expedition.

Surrounded by the clear marine water of Loch Sunart (Site of Special Scientific Interest & Marine Protected Area), you can expect regular sightings of Eurasian Otters, Common Seals and Harbour Porpoise off the shores of Carna. You can even enjoy watching these amazing species using our Kite Optics scope and binoculars from the comfort of your accommodation; Carna House. We’re certain you’ll want to be out discovering the wilds of this stunning island for as long as possible, and so you will have the use of our Kite Optics as well as the contents of an Expedition Pack whilst on the Isle of Carna.

The Isle of Carna is unique in that it is undergoing a state of rewilding; so the surveys and field work you undertaken during this Expedition contribute directly to the Isle of Carna rewilding plan. You will receive training in wildlife survey and media techniques, learning methods to discover and record the island’s biodiversity through the use of specialist equipment such as camera traps, moth traps, Longworth traps, heterodyne bat detectors and more. Due to your in-depth exploration of the Isle of Carna’s landscape and wildlife, you will also work towards a John Muir Explorer Award on this Expedition.

In between your jam-packed itinerary of island exploration, wildlife surveys and wildlife photography,  you will also enjoy a full day whale watching tour with Ardnamurchan Charters. This will be a private charter, so we will have the freedom to spend time searching for and learning about species such as Minke Whale, Puffin, Seals, Common Dolphin, Harbour Porpoise and Basking Shark!


  • Next Expedition in 2020; dates and prices to be launched in Summer 2019


  • Rewild yourself on this uninhabited, private island on the stunning west coast of Scotland


  • Contribute to Wild Intrigue’s ongoing ecological surveys of the island through whole-island guided explorations


  • Be part of the Isle of Carna’s wider effort with national partners to sustainably manage and utilise the land economically and ecologically.


  • Receive an array of specialist ecological training to discover and survey the wildlife on site


  • Enjoy guided Otter watches on the shores of Carna, as they hunt and forage the Marine Protected Area of Loch Sunart


  • Join Ardnamurchan Charters on day long, private wildlife cruise, searching for Cetaceans, Basking Sharks, White-tailed Eagles and more



  • This Expedition is open to adults (18+) only


The next Wild Intrigue Isle of Carna Expedition will be in 2020. Dates to be released in Summer 2019, check back soon!


Prices from £600


Includes 6 nights shared accommodation on the Isle of Carna, in Carna House; all specialist training and guiding; boat transfers from Laga Bay to the Isle of Carna; a day long private charter with Ardnamurchan Charters in search of cetaceans and other wildlife; a Wild Intrigue Expeditioneer Pack.


Excludes all food and drink; your travel to and fro the meeting point of Laga Bay, Ardnamurchan; you own personal travel insurance.

Proudly partnered with

sustainable landowners

Expect Eurasian Otter, Red Fox, Red Deer, White-tailed Eagle, Golden Eagle, Small Mammals, Common Seal, Harbour Porpoise, as well as stunning flora and fascinating coastal species. You are also likely to see Minke Whale, Basking Shark, Puffins and more on our inclusive full day whale watching tour.
You will also be provided with an Expedition pack containing the previous ecological reports and species records for the Isle of Carna, as well as basic survey equipment to use whilst on the Isle of Carna.

Atlantic Oak and Hazel woodland
Wildflower meadow
Sea Loch (Sunart)
Salt marsh
Regenerating heathland
Upland caves
Open sea

Carna House
7 nights
Rooms shared between 2 people
All linen and towels provided
Two bathrooms incl. showers & bath
Full kitchen (self-catered)
Electricity available
Outdoor BBQ

Isle of Carna, Loch Sunart, off coast of Ardnamurchan
West Scotland

Heath moth trapping
Island-wide camera trap installation and analysis
Full species identification
Breeding bird surveys
Bat activity surveys using detectors
Wildlife and timelapse photography incl. using portable hides
Shoreline surveys
Small mammal trapping
Crepuscular Otter watches
Nocturnal wildlife walks
Guided Whale and Cetacean watching tour
and more.

This Expedition is intended to run with 6 to 8 people. If you are part of a group with more members than this, please get in touch with us to discuss options via our 'Contact' tab.


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An uninhabited island, the Isle of Carna is the perfect place to go off the grid; an escape from work, television, phones and the internet. Your accommodation, Carna House, is situated looking across the beautiful Marine Protected Area Loch Sunart and is less than a minutes walk away from what Wild Intrigue guides have come to know as ‘Otter Bay’…

You and your new room mate will share a twin or bunk room, complete with a comfortable bed and all linen provided – who says you can’t have a little luxury whilst rewilding yourself? The house has a kitchen with a fridge and oven, in which you can prepare your meals, as well as a dining room. After a day exploring the island and encountering incredible wildlife, you can refresh yourself with a shower, or remember your day in a relaxing bath. There are two bathrooms in Carna House with flushing toilets, don’t say we don’t spoil you! Electricity running from a generator is available in the morning and evening, enough to let the whole house charge cameras. There is a large garden (mowed lawn) outside Carna House which leads naturally onto the rest of the Isle of Carna, so you can sit outside and enjoy your meals, and may even spot one of the island’s Red or Roe deer passing through.

Carna House is cocooned by this beautiful part of west Scotland , so as perfect as the building may sound, we can guarantee you will want to stay outside!

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You will take part in Wild Intrigue’s fascinating surveys of the Isle of Carna,  contributing to making new discoveries on the biodiversity of this private island; an inspiring example of rewilding in practice.

An island with rugged terrain to match its raw beauty, Carna can be a difficult location to navigate across for those exploring it for the first time. Through numerous visits, your Wild Intrigue guides have come to know the location of every ravine, cave and favoured Otter spraint spot along with so many other natural features which are waiting for your discovery. However there are still many mysteries to Carna which you will work towards resolving through the field skills your guides train you in.

Can you discover whether Pine Martens or Scottish Wildcats are still present on Carna using our Bushnell Trail Cameras which you will learn to set and install?

Will you be the Expeditioneer to record a new species of moth using our Heath moth trap? Or perhaps you will be the first to confirm that Bats roost in the caves of Cruachan Carna during your training in conducting bat activity surveys.

Imagine the other discoveries you will make whilst you are trained by your Wild Intrigue guides in Longworth trapping, undertaking breeding bird surveys and shoreline transects, full species identification, and not forgetting observing the behaviours of Eurasian Otters and the neighbouring breeding colony of Common Seals.

You won’t want to forget this wild Expedition, so we will introduce you to a variety of photographic techniques to help you fully show off your adventure to your friends and family. You will learn how to use portable hides to observe and photograph wildlife, offering opportunities to capture species exhibiting their natural behaviours whilst preventing disturbance. You will also have the opportunity to learn basic timelapse photography, enabling you to revisit the motion of the tides and the passing wildlife as often as you like once you return home.

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Far away from cities and large towns, the Isle of Carna, situated off the coast of Laga Bay, is an Expedition which is almost as beautiful to arrive to as the location itself. You will meet your Expedition guides at Laga Lodge, Glenborrodale, and will carry everything you need for your week ahead onto a boat; your transport onto the Isle of Carna. Our good friend, and passionate caretaker of the Isle of Carna, Andy Jackson will take us across to the island on his trusty boat. Keep your cameras handy, as you are likely to see Common Seals, Herons and perhaps even a White-tailed Eagle flying overhead on the short 15 minute journey as you sail across the clear, turquoise waters of Loch Sunart. Your boat journey is included in the Expedition cost, so you can keep your cash stashed away somewhere safe.

Due to the remoteness of this truly wild Expedition location, we would recommend that you drive as a group to the meeting point which is the most environmentally friendly and economic option for a group travelling. We can help facilitate this once you have booked, however we can also offer advice on other methods of transport to Laga Lodge.

Once you have booked you place onto this Expedition, we will send you information on recommended travel routes, arrival and departure times, recommended kit list, a medical form to complete, suggested cheap meals to cook as a group and more to prepare you for your adventure. On route to the meeting point you will likely be required to use the Corran Ferry for which there is a small charge of approximately £8.20, please not that this cost is not included in the Expedition cost.