Wild Intrigue | Chesters
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A secluded bothy
awaits your discovery

Carrying only what you need on your back, you will join Wild Intrigue Expedition guides in the heart of Northumberland to trek over streams and the Cheviot Hills to your rural accommodation; Chesters.

On this Expedition you will learn a variety of wildlife survey and media techniques, whilst contributing to a new biodiversity mapping project to discover and record the wildlife and habitats around Chesters; enabling the natural features and creatures of this little-studied region to be monitored and protected for years to come.

Look out for future dates!

This Expedition is ideal for those who love walking and yearn to respond to the calling hills. We will explore the wilds surrounding Chesters on foot, tracking and identifying species as we go, with evenings spent underneath the Northumberland International Dark Sky Park immersed in the far-reaching calls of wildlife.

So join us to trek over hills and streams, through woodland and moor, to truly connect with the remote Northumberland wilds, all whilst learning essential Naturalist skills in the field.

Likely to see Reptiles
Long-eared Owls
Small Mammals
& much more

Cheviot Hills
Conifer plantations
Upland heath and grassland
Deciduous woodland

Isolated, basic bothy
Shared single-sex bunk bedrooms
Own sleeping bags required


Navigation including map & compass reading
Moth trapping
Nightscape photography
Camera trap installation and analysis
Species identification
Bird ID

4 to 12 people


Situated in the heart of the Cheviot Hills, Chesters bothy is an old stone-built cottage offering shelter and warmth after a day exploring the beautiful Northumbrian landscape and learning wildlife survey skills.

Hot water is available through a fire-generated boiler system, so you can refresh yourself with a shower at the end of the day.
A kitchen is available which you can use to prepare your meals each day. Please be aware that only hobs are available  – and so you will need to plan to bring food you can cook on a stove! All utensils, plates, pans and cups etc are provided.

If you can break yourself away from the stunning night sky, you can rest your head on a bunk bed in a single-sex room. As Chesters is a bothy, you will need to bring your own sleeping bag with you, and a travel pillow if you wish, as well as a towel.

Field Skills

What better place to learn navigation than the Cheviot Hills? With no urban features to direct you, your Expedition guides will introduce you to map and compass reading, enabling you to find your place in this upland habitat and monitor your safe exploration in a rural landscape.

A mosaic of heathland, woodland and natural habitat edges, Chesters is an ideal moth trapping location. With the nearest farm house miles away, the only light around is celestial, enabling us to attract intriguing such Lepidoptera to our Heath moth trap. You will have the opportunity to see and identify a variety of species during early morning trap checks, and will have the chance to take macro photographs of these beautiful invertebrates whilst learning about their fascinating ecology.

A site holding few biological records, Chesters is the ideal Expedition for those keen to make new discoveries. Camera trapping is at the forefront of making such revolutions, so you will learn how to set, install and analyse Bushnell NatureView HD Max camera traps. Will you be the first to capture the fabled Chesters Pine Marten on camera?

Expedition Meeting Place

As with all Wild Intrigue Expedition locations, the beauty of Chesters is that it is away from urbanisations, including roads, enabling you to enjoy the weekend rewilding yourself. We would therefore recommend that you arrive to the meeting location by car, however if this is difficult for you please get in touch to discuss other options.

Meeting your Expedition guides on the morning of Friday 10th March at Hartside Farm in the stunning Breamish Valley, you will begin your journey walking to Chesters , carrying everything you will need for your wild weekend in your rucksack. We will walk through the beautiful valley and up into the Cheviot Hills, stopping to admire wildlife and landscapes along the way, until we reach Chesters in time for lunch.


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