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Wild Intrigue Expeditions

Rewild yourself for 2 to 6 nights in the rural wilds of your chosen Expedition site,

all whilst conserving local wildlife and supporting sustainable landowners.

Discover the species rewilding landscapes and minds in Britain

Rewild yourself on the ultimate private island, digital detox

Yurts, starscapes and wildlife; a site far beyond glamping awaits your discovery

What is an Expedition?

Wild Intrigue Expeditions are created for anyone with an intrigue for the wilds, keen to have a wildlife-filled adventure in some of our most beautiful and interesting locations here in northern Britain. Unlike our Mini Expeds, they include at least one overnight stay at your chosen Expedition location.

Our Expeditioneers live in, and explore, their chosen locations as a group, so you can expect to meet like-minded people who are as passionate about all things wild, just as you are.

On all of our Expeditions you are able to rewild yourself; to break away from television, work and the internet, to change your usual soundtrack of traffic and phone calls to the ebbing tide, or perhaps the wing clapping of Long-eared Owls.

We work closely with the owners and caretakers of each Expedition location to discover the ecological information they are lacking, which would enable them to better monitor and safeguard biodiversity on their sites for years to come. By booking onto an Expedition you will directly contribute to the identification, recording and conservation of wildlife in the location you choose. Who knows, perhaps you will even join the Wild Intrigue hall of fame for making another new discovery about a species on site!

Wild Intrigue is a John Muir Award Provider, so by joining one of our Expeditions, you will also be enrolled onto a John Muir Award at Discovery or Explorer level.

Your Wild Intrigue guides have visited and explored each location often, so are highly knowledgeable and experienced in ethically tracking and surveying the wildlife in each. By joining an Expedition, you can expect to enjoy some incredible, ethically guided wildlife encounters, the only question is – which will you choose?

As with our Eurasian Beavers and Isle of Carna Expeditions, you also benefit from the expertise of fantastic local specialist guides to offer you unique experiences with elusive species.

Once you have booked onto one of our Expeditions, you will be sent an Expedition Pack full of site-specific information to help you prepare for your adventure, including a recommended seasonal kit list and travel advice to the meeting point.

Your Expedition Key

On each of our Expeditions pages you will be able to follow our Expedition Key to discover important information about each location. Our Key gives you a quick glimpse at individual Expedition species highlights, habitat composition,

accommodation, location in the UK, field skills training opportunities and minimum/ maximum people you can expect to attend. Take a look below to see which of these factors each icon represents.


An insight into some of the species you are likely to see. Of course we can’t fit them all into this tiny box, so we have added some of the species we believe you may be most intrigued by.


Will your Expedition be cocooned by a marine loch, Atlantic Oakwood, conifer plantation, upland moor, wildflower meadow, or even an urban jungle? Discover the landscape of your adventure.


A glimpse into the accommodation which you will share with other Expeditioneers. Don’t forget to look at the detailed Accommodation information before leaving each page too!

Meeting Point

The general meeting point of the Expedition. Exact details of meeting arrangements will be provided within your Expedition Pack upon booking.

Field Skills

A brief outline of the field skills you will learn during the Expedition; such as installing camera traps. Take a look at the detailed Field Skills information on each page too.

Group Size

The expected/ maximum group size of each Expedition. Some of our Expedition bases can host a large group, whereas others such as our Eurasian Beaver Expedition is restricted to prevent disturbance to sensitive species.

Expedition Locations